The Token (boat or pontoons) surface mount

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Made of 6061 marine grade solid billet aluminum

the TOKEN has 1200 lumens and is a surface mount LED light! 

This light will mount to any flat surface. Great choice for a pontoon.  It comes with 3M double sided tape, the same tape that holds on your body side molding to your car.  Or you can use 3M 5200 marine adhesive to attach it, in any case.. its not going anywhere!

comes with 18' of wire and a waterproof LED driver.

This light is 2" in diameter and can be placed anywhere!

It doesn't get any easier to install a light.  Check out the video below and read the instructions when you receive this light!  You will be supplied with a LED driver(s) that HAS to be used.  If you do not connect them you will burn this light up and void the warranty.

Made of 6061 Marine grade billet aluminum and black hard anodized.

We recommend using our basic $12 remote control for ease of install, found on the "accessories" tab, here on our site for the solid color lights.

input 12 volt up to 24 volt 

We recommend using our remote control for ease of install, found on the "accessories" tab, here on our site.