Dagon V2 Transom Mount

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The Dagon-V2

8000 lumens of the brightest underwater light that exists.

Made of 6061 marine grade solid billet aluminum.
The LED's are encapsulated in industrial epoxy and carry a 50,000 hour life expectancy, and lifetime warranty, nothing to fog up, nothing that could ever leak. The face of the light can be refinished if it becomes dirty or dull. Just use a car headlight repair kit and the face of the light is like new again! The light comes with a mounting template, stainless screws and waterproof electronic LED driver.  If you are using this light in saltwater, TEFGEL should be used on the mounting screws.

 3 5/8" overall diameter

We recommend using our basic $12 remote control for ease of install on the solid color lights, found on the "accessories" tab, or CLICK HERE to see it.

CLICK HERE for a simple switch option.

12 to 24 volt input

NOTE: Color changing (RGB) version requires one of our controllers that can be found HERE on the "accessories" tab of our site.  

Built in Texas