The Neptune 3 Underwater Dock Light

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Made of 6061 marine grade solid billet aluminum and coated like the lower unit of an outdrive, it is virtually indestructible.  No lens, o-rings or seals that could ever leak.

8000 lumen LED configuration dock light kit produces intense light output.

The Neptune 3 underwater dock light is safe for both, fresh and saltwater, was designed for ease of installation.

Designed to be attached to a brick paver and submerged, facing up.

The dock lighting system includes:

The LED light and 110 AC to 12vdc waterproof transformer.

This product has a one year warranty.

If being used in saltwater use TEFGEL on all fittings

We recommend using our basic $12 remote control for ease of install, found on the "accessories" tab, here on our site for the solid color lights.

3.5" in diameter