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BIG drain plug adapter

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Made of 6061 billet anodized aluminum

won't ship until 6/5/2020

This adapter will allow you to use our lights if your drain plug is plastic or metal (see pics) and not 1/2" pipe thread.  You will only need this adapter if you have a plastic or metal drain and the threads are 1-1/8"inch across.  This adapter has a female 1/2" NPT to allow use of our lights with no modification to your drain IF you have a plastic or metal drain plug!  You DO NOT need this adapter if you have a regular 1/2" NPT (pipe thread).  It works like your existing plastic or metal drain, allowing you to drain the boat/bilge without removing the light. This adapter most COMMONLY is used on the stainless type two stage drain plugs that have a flat piece that you use your fingers to install. See photos.