Vega Elite Series

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Made of 6061 marine grade solid billet aluminum

The VEGA Elite, increasing the angle of light to 180 degrees and 12000 max lumens.

This is our FLAGSHIP drain plug light!  At only 2.25" wide and 2.25" long makes this light the most compact and powerful of ANY type of underwater led that is made!

1/2" NPT drain threads, 6061 billet marine grade, hard anodized aluminum.

The light is removed via a bored hole off center.  Simply insert a philips screw driver through the light to install and remove.

This LED Fixture will illuminate 180 degrees in the water.

This light can't be used out of the water at any point.  

If you use this light in saltwater, apply TEFGEL to all fittings (available in our online store)

The light includes an inboard mounted driver.  

The LED's have a 50,000  hour life expectancy.

12 to 24 volt input

Lifetime warranty

We recommend using our basic $12 remote control for ease of install, found on the "accessories" tab, check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Check out another waterproof switch option by CLICKING HERE.

NOTE: Color changing (RGB) version requires one of our controllers that can be found under the "accessories" tab of our site.