The NOVA 2

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The NOVA 2 has 2400 lumens!
Two lights, two directions with center drain
The fixture is made of 6061 marine grade solid billet aluminum.

4" at its widest point.  Protrudes 4.5" (see pics)

Lights can be removed to install it, if space is an issue.  

Center plug drains the bilge!

Comes with waterproof LED drivers.

green and white leds will come in a blue fixture.

If you use this light in salt water use tefgel on all fittings (available in our online store)

Lifetime warranty

input 12 volt up to 24 volt 

We recommend using our remote control for ease of install, found on the "accessories" tab, check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Check out a switch option by CLICKING HERE

lifetime warranty just like the rest of our LEDs

Go with our VEGA if your boat is 21' plus.  Check it out in our online store