THE D-BIT 4-way

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Made of 6061 marine grade solid billet aluminum

The D-BIT, 4800 lumens in four directions!

Perfect for the wake surfing community that want to light of both sides of the wake, the rider and the water!  It gets it all done!

Loosen and tighten the D-BIT with a phillips screwdriver (seen in pic).  The D-BIT comes with four waterproof LED drivers.

The entire light is made of 6061 marine grade billet aluminum, hard anodized for a beautiful finish!

We recommend using our basic $12 remote control for ease of install, found on the "accessories" tab, here on our site for the solid color lights.

If you use this light in saltwater, apply TEFGEL to all fittings (available in our online store)

input 12 volt up to 24 volt 

If your boat is 21 plus feet, we recommend the Vega.

We recommend using our remote control for ease of install, found on the "accessories" tab, here on our site.