PowerBall Fishing Light

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8000 lumens and guaranteed to be the brightest fishing light out there.

This LED will last over 50,000 hours and when it (or if) you outlast its lifespan, we will send you another one!

See the photos?  This light is submerged and the wall its lighting up (while underwater) is 80 feet away!

Comes with a remote control that has a 30' range, all components are completely waterproof down to and tested 60 feet below!

The light housing is made of solid billet anodized aluminum with a completely solid sphere that encapsulates the light!

It is safe to use in salt or freshwater!

The electronic driver/controller is encapsulated as well and both can be beaten with a baseball bat AND STILL KEEPS WORKING

There are no connections to corrode, one solid state unit!  Connects directly to your battery..and BAM!

Heavy duty would be an understatement.

The light connects directly to your 12 volt battery and comes with 6 feet of sixteen gauge wire and a wireless remote control, it can dim, fade, strobe (excellent attractant) turn it off or on, many functions and you can also control the speed of the functions.. and of course can stay lit solid 100% on!
All from the included credit card size remote!

This light comes in Green or White LED's