New Waterproof RGB controller

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This controller is required if you purchase one of our

color changing RGB lights ONLY! 

This remote WILL NOT ALLOW you to make a solid color light into a RGB light. You HAVE to have our RGB color changing light for that to be possible. If you want a remote for your solid color light, we have those also. Check on the accessories tab on our website or click on this link:


Features of this RGB controller:

Bluetooth controlled with a free app, by your smart phone, tablet, ipad device etc. 

You can make your light any color, solid or changing anytime with our RGB version lights and this controller.

This unit can also set your LED to "play to the music" that is downloaded to your device!  It will not "play to the lights" on music that is "streamed" through your device.

Memory functions, smart phone controlled, strobe, flash, dim, fade and will operate up to three of our RGB lights. 

If you want to use more than three of our RGB lights. That is not a problem. We have our RGB amplifiers available on the accessories page, all you need to do is buy one RGB amplifier for every additional three lights that you want.

This part is waterproof and has a 1 year warranty