Loki-2 Solid Brass

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Our newest line of products.

The Loki-2   2400 lumen high power LED drain light fixture, made of solid brass!

This light replaces your drain flange!  You won't have to make any modifications with Loki.  Its the same bolt pattern as your existing 1/2" NPT brass drain flange!  The wires run through the fixture and through your existing drain hole.  No one out there has anything like Loki. It will come with stainless mounting screws and new drain plug.  If you have a phillips screw driver, you can install this.  You can use your existing drain plug or use the plastic one included.  We do not provide 3m4200.

Our drain plug led lights will screw into it also!

It doesn't get any easier to install a light.  Check out the video below and read the instructions when you receive this light!  You will be supplied with a LED driver(s) that HAS to be used.  If you do not connect them you will burn this light up and void the warranty..

We also have a remote that works with this light for only $12.  Makes the install easy and has multiple functions.  CLICK HERE to check it out.

 CLICK HERE for a simple switch option.